Condition of my motorbike

I use a motorbike for business trips

I used to load my old 50cc bike with a tent, sleeping bag and portable gas stove

to travel to Yamaguchi, Nagano,  Niigata, Gifu, Kyoto – practically anywhere.

But I get penalized when I speed on 50cc

And 50cc bikes are not allowed on highways

Therefore I took a license 2 years ago.

The off-road motorbike I bought in Nagano, which is about 30 years old.

I travelled 1,000 km riding it on the real road for the first time

To go home.

Since the day, it has been my good partner

And I have already travelled with it more than 10,000km.

Recently I have had day trips only

260km per day on local roads

Going and coming back, I am on the bike 5 hours a day.

I was concerned something about the bike’s condition

And checked it out

When my partner is not working right,

I cannot be in the mood either.

I found out that the petcock packing

was deteriorating and chipped and the chipped bit

was blocking the flow of the fuel.


I adjusted the chain

and changed the oil by myself for the first time.


I had a test ride, and wow, it worked so well!

It made me feel so nice and clear, and something exciting came into being again.

A motorbike, partner, such a good one to have!

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