Long time no article.

I have unintentionally not updated this blog since the beginning of this year

And here I am.

While I was not updating, there were a lot going on

But since I decided to do things in a timely manner

And keep going without looking back

I appreciate it if you enjoy what’s coming up next.


Spring has come.

Everything I see has turned spring

Including the smell

And the sound of streams

Echoing in every bone and corner of my body

The firewood for our bath has turned spring, too.

The number of firewood I need to heat the bath has lessened to half of what I needed in winter.

I’m sure the stream water has become warmer.

As it’s become warmer, the hot water in bath tab stays warm for longer time.

There must be a lot more changes!

The bath tab warm up quicker, for example.

Anyways, the season shifts and a new wind blows

off the old leaves.

Rain falls from the sky

to relax the earth, then trees and grass start to move

Once you realize, the spring is


The seasons change with absolute certainty.