Repairing the fence of Kozo field

The purpose of the fence we built is to

prevent deer, rabbits and boars

from breaking into the field.

Due to the typhoon hit us this year and heavy rains,

the fence posts had already been pretty loose


a few weeks ago a deer broke in and badly damaged the fence

So to prevent Kozo being eaten by any animal before the harvest

I repaired it to shut them out.

The galvanized sheets used for the lower part of the fence are

for rabbits and boars

and the nets hung on the top are

for deers.

Deers easily jump over

150cm tall fences.

Therefore we need fences higher than 170cm.

I have been defeated by their jumping ability

and suffered from complete destruction of Kozo twice.

Even though a lot of wild Kozo grow around the field

it’s easier for them to eat a bunch in the field all at once.