たまたま6月の新月に汲んだ水が 梅雨で上半期と下半期を勝手に分けると、上半期最後の水になりました。



かみをあつかう仕事は梅雨に入ってはさわらないようにしています。    理由はいろいろあり わるいことばかりではないです、が、リスクもあがりそこへの挑戦に時間を使わずにぼくは違う時間の使い方をしています。

なので、ずれ込んだ感があったけれど 実際には最後の仕事の日が満月に入りました。


いつのまにかのコラボで月の動き(巡り) 気象の都合 地球のこの場所 と じぶんの仕事の思いが一体化したかのように自然に軽やかに無理なく運ばれてきたそんな感じです。

My last working season started in late October 2015. 

As I was thinking the season finished 2 weeks later than I expected,

the water I collected from the river on new moon day happened to be the last to use in the first half of this year – if I divide a year by the rainy season. 

This year’s rainy season started the day after my working season ended.

The last water was pure, crisp and very clear.

Since the beginning of rainy season, I have not done any work that has to do with handling papers. There are some  reasons for that and although those are not only bad points, the risk is high. So I decided not to dare use my time for working with paper but rather chose to do something different. 

So, as I wrote above, the day to finish the season seemed delayed, but it turned to be a full moon day.

What I am trying to say is:

The last 8 months of my creative time, during which I let my feelings take control, was forwarded naturally and lightly, as if the cycle of the moon, weather and this very place on the Earth became unified with my feeling over my work, without realizing. 





My working season starts in autumn (when the air starts getting dry and the day temperature is around 25℃) every year and lasts nonstop until next rainy season .

I have continued working in this kind of rhythm for almost 20 years. In the first 8 years, I happened to follow this rhythm because I used to go away to work as a tea picker over spring and summer. 

But such unexpected timing or coincidence make rhythm, life and my works.