Every day is a good beating day

The fineness of the texture

depends on the process of cooking and beating.

The fineness has an effect on

how the surface of the work can hold colors

and the details of the gradation.

To check how it’s been beaten, I make a postcard size paper.

I pick up a part of the pile of already beaten fiber to mix it in water

and make a paper.

This is what I do in every process

as it’s easy to see what effect each process has on the paper.


This keta (frame to hold the screen) is made of plastic

but a good and strong item.

It’s good enough to do some works

when used for appropriate purposes.

When I made papers by myself at home for the first time, more than 10 years ago, I was so happy

that I made papers with this tool until I used up all the paper material I had at that time.


In every single thing I find a joy

and do experiments.

With the accumulation of such experiments, the next challenge gradually becomes visible

And I

continue that again and again.