A month-long motorbike trip 30/30

Three days in a row, I woke up and wore soaking shoes

All the roads to Kochi, both highways and local, were closed!

Something terrible is going on.

I peered over the paper they gave me

After making lots of phone calls

to the road transport department of each prefecture and finally found a route!

Kochi after a long time

I feel grateful for my buddy operating well.

River Shimanto is swelling, too


After racing through this tunnel, I got home

Bath house to finish up my trip

It took me 4 days from Nagano city to home.

Each day was a long day.

The trip meter showed 2498km.

I’ll do it again!


*(As I hardly had any wifi during this trip, I wrote articles from 1/30-30/30 all at once after coming back. )

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