A month-long motorbike trip 29/30


Mt. Nachi

Next morning,  I visited Mt. Nachi.

The record rainfall resulted in the top class volume of water of the year

– such an impact.


After Nachi, I visited Muryo-ji temple in Kushimoto

to see the slide screen painted with tiger and dragon by Nagasawa Rosetsu

then headed for Wakayama port.

Because the bridges to Shikoku Island were closed to traffic

the port was crawling with trucks and cars

waiting in line.

Anyhow, luckily

I made it on a ferry

as no other motorbike was on board due to this weather

After I got in Shikoku, it rained rained and rained

I wonder what miracle happened

when I had no rain in Ise and Nanki.

It got dark quickly

so I slept for a while in the unoccupied house in a mountain in Tokushima.

*(As I hardly had any wifi during this trip, I wrote articles from 1/30-30/30 all at once after coming back. )

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